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Regain Confidence

When decisions are driven by the crisis of the minute, when employees require micro-managing, when customers and insurance companies forget you’re the one who’s helping, and you start to question why you’re even in this business, it’s time to Shift Your Focus.

See Beyond the Numbers

Even if you are fortunate enough to have numbers, the story they tell is not always clear. This is when shifting your focus is important. The Pivot approach aggregates and interprets your data through the lens of experience to reveal the critical relationships between numbers and outcomes. Our proprietary software strips away the chaos and provides real clarity, combining monthly reports with actionable insights. Pivot members understand where and how to focus their efforts and why.

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Transform Your Entire Business

Consultants for this, coaches for that, books by experts, and you still don’t get the results you want. Underdeveloped systems, unrealistic goals, and inconsistent practices ALL contribute to lackluster results. Pivot’s approach is holistic. We meet you where you’re at, then guide you along the path to improvement. Our sole focus is the independent restoration industry. No one understands it better. And no one has the resources we do.

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Radically Different Relationships

Running a business can feel isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. Pivot Peer Groups are the perfect solution. Carefully selected non-competitors, who all experience the same challenges, provide valuable feedback as you expand business systems and improve key indicators together. Pivot supports these efforts by facilitating accountability and fostering respectful, highly enjoyable interactions with other restoration professionals. You’ll learn from one another, share resources, and celebrate as you build and maintain thriving businesses you actually enjoy.

For over 20 years, Pivot has been the restoration industry’s best kept secret. Our unique approach combines proven analytics, active learning, and a community of peer support that, together, produces organization-wide results no one else can touch. Our members have established a path to success and fulfillment that creates opportunities they never imagined. Isn’t this where you belong?

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