Jim Schamadan

Member Technologies

Favorite Comedy: Bowfinger

Jim Schamadan is IntegriNav’s technical co-founder and Pivot’s benevolent technical overlord. He has nearly 30 years of experience successfully developing software for financial institutions, healthcare systems, and state and local governments. Jim has worked with the FBI and Homeland Security to plan cyber exercises, participated in the revision of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, and numerous other projects whose knowledge the participants are sworn to disavow.

He is also no stranger to the restoration business. Jim was the principal developer for Swatware, a project management application that was ultimately acquired by a well-known competitor. Known as “The Geek Freak”, he has appeared as a regular guest on radio providing technical advice to small businesses.

Having held a variety of technical leadership positions, including chief software architect, chief technology officer, chief information officer, chief information security officer, Jim is now helping bring Pivot’s KPI software to the world wide web.

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