John Kowalski

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Favorite Comedy: Monty Python and The Holy Grail

John Adam Kowalski is one of America’s top experts in small business analytics and the #1 thought leader for the insurance restoration industry and free enterprise success. His experience in restoration began about 50 years ago, pulling sooty contents out of fire-damaged properties for his father’s restoration company in Arizona during the hot summer months of his high school years. This quickly led to the obvious decision to leave home and go to college!

After graduating from Northwestern University and spending the next year working toward an MBA as a financial analyst, he rejoined the family restoration business as the financial controller to indulge his love of spreadsheets and money. Upon his father’s retirement, John won the sibling coin toss and took the reins as the general manager and CEO. Much to the delight of his already inflated ego, the company increased revenues over 1,500%, opened a branch office in Tucson, expanded to 5 divisions, and had a workforce of over 100 brutally handsome employees. Shortly after 9/11, and mistakenly thinking the world might actually be ending, he sold his shares in the company to his wiser brothers. Realizing that he should probably get back to work, he started Pivot Productions, Inc. and has since been available nationally as a business consultant, executive coach, and speaker.

Having worked with hundreds of restoration companies across the US, John has grown Pivot into the industry’s leading consulting firm and has developed the proprietary software IntegriNav© that revolutionizes business management.

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