Paul Clouser

Member Services
and Group Facilitator

Favorite Comedy: Dogma

From very early on, Paul’s exceptional work ethic and business acumen seemed predestined. Born under a Comet to a construction family in the steel valley of Youngstown, Ohio. At the tender age of 16, he circumvented the child labor laws and began drafting electrical control panel drawings for a local steel mill. After high school, he worked for a large electrical contracting company as a programmer and project manager while attending and graduating from Youngstown State University.

Soon after, he discovered the world of insurance restoration contracting. Ben Rudick & Son, Inc. dba National Fire & Water Repair (a full-service insurance restoration contractor) hired him as an estimator in 1990. He eventually purchased the company from the founder’s grandson, and in 2023, the company celebrated its 110th year in business. Paul credits Pivot for his business success and now pays it forward by having joined the Pivot team as a facilitator and customer advocate in 2021. “Paul talks the talk and walks the walk,” according to one Pivot member whose group Paul facilitates.

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